Differences between Treadmill for Walking & Running

Many of you must aware of two kinds of treadmills in the market one is designed for walking and the other is for running purposes. Now you must be wondering what the basic differences between these kinds of treadmills is. One should make sure that which kind of treadmill they want to buy for their self. In this article we are discussing about the differences between treadmill for walking and for running. mobilecric

Differences between treadmill for walking & running
Point of differences Treadmill for walking Treadmill for running
Budget ranges from $300-$1500 Ranges from $1000-$2500
Features Incline options up to 15%

Reasonable belt size

Bluetooth connectivity

LCD available

Speed up to 10mph




Incline options 6% to 40%

Perfect belt size

Shock proof

Bluetooth connectivity

22 inches console

Speed up to 12 mph

Motor 3.0 CHP 3.0CHP -4.7 CHP
Warranties One year labor

3-6 years parts

Some models provide lifetime warranty to frame & motor

One year labor

Minimum 6 years on electronic parts

Provide lifetime warranty on frame and motor

Console LCD with backlit HD display screen
Profiles Able to manage 3 profiles on screen at a time It can manage 6 profiles at a time
Belt size It provide reasonable belt size but not much accurate and in some treadmills for walking it is manual Perfect belt size and secure for heavy bodies as well
Cushioning Not comfortable Comfortable cushioning for ankles, knees and joints
Built-in programs It contain almost 20 built-in programs Maximum 40 built in programs with VR technology
Gadget handlers Not available Designed to protect your gadgets like pockets available on treadmills


Anyone can buy the treadmill according to their personal preferences but make sure to consider your needs. If you are willing to do walk and jogging then treadmill for walking is ideal and also reasonable in your pocket. The treadmills for walking are mostly used by people at home. These treadmills are manual, electronic and motorized as well. Many people prefer motorized treadmills because of their new specifications and technologies.

Treadmills for running are specially designed for heavy workouts like one can easily get their heavy kind of workout on it and can lose their weight easily. Such treadmills are used mostly commercial and they are a bit expensive as compared to a treadmill for walking. Cricvid

Such treadmills come in the type of hybrid treadmills that are 3-in-1 so one can easily use them as a cycler and can perform any kind of exercise with just one treadmill. Many motorized and electronic treadmills are also used for running purposes. Smartcric

If you visit the market to buy treadmills you will come to know that many top brands are providing yearly sale on their products and you can also avail that offer. The best part is the warranty many brands are now providing lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the treadmill. You Can Watch Live IPL Matches at iplschedule2020.in


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